When was the last time you did a home loan “health check”?

Are you getting the best deal on your existing loan?

How much could you save? Could you secure a lower interest rate?

What will it cost to refinance?

If you haven’t asked these questions in the last two years then now is the time! Home loan variable rates are lower than they were a year ago and fixed rates are also exceptionally low. You could be paying too much for your mortgage!

Banks that were offering great rates 2-3 years ago are now in many cases less attractive options and being surpassed by other lenders.

Getting better rates does not always mean moving lenders. We are often able to re-negotiate a better deal with your existing lender. However, if they are not willing to drop their rates for you, then it may be worthwhile considering moving to a different lender.

Just last month we refinanced a home loan for a client which will save them over $40K, even after break costs and costs to move! In addition we restructured the loan to better suit their situation and fixed part of the loan at a far lower rate for a further period.

You could be spending your money or more important things. So why not give us a call and find out whether you could be saving $$$.


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