Thanks for being prepared to help to help Hatch and in turn contribute to the fight to protect good consumer outcomes.  Here are a few tips for recording your selfie video testimonial;
1. Stop for a few minutes and think how Hatch has specifically helped you. Questions to ponder as you think about this:
  • one thing you love about dealing with Hatch? (one client said to me…you sent us a gift after settlement when it really should have been the other way around)
  • why did you use Hatch rather than a bank?
  • what problem did we solve for you?
  • what goal did we help you achieve?
  • how did we help you when a bank could not?
  • what ongoing support or service have we given you that has been of benefit? (e.g. got us a better rate with our current lender without us having to do anything, helped us with a small loan increase to do X, tackled the bank when we discovered something was wrong with our banking)
2. Now turn your phone to horizontal, switch to selfie mode and hit record
3. Tell us your name (first names will do), what suburb you live in, how long you have been a client (or how many transactions i have helped you with) and then share what you want about your experience with Hatch
4. Email or SMS the video to me
5. (For Bonus Brownie Points) Post the video on your own social media stream, tag me & Hatch in the post add the following hastags #choicematters #brokersworkingforyou #dontgivethebanksafreekick
You can say anything you want in your video – it is your testimonial. Keep it simple.
Tips for recording the video: Try not to record the video in a nightclub or bar. Its not meant to be perfect so dont stress about how you look or even not sounding word perfect!
Thanks a million.
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