Last week the final report of the Royal Commission was released. I’ll be writing more on that soon, but there is something you need to know in the meantime…

Hatch is here for you.

We’re still here and our doors are open for business. We are not going anywhere. We will continue to support our clients on their financial journey. And if that means fighting the proposed changes we will do that too.

In fact, Hatch is very busy at the moment.

We are helping first home buyers and people upgrading to bigger homes. We are helping investors looking to buy properties before the Federal Election (which is predicted to lead to a change in government and with it a change to laws around negative gearing and capital gains tax).

We are saving clients thousands of dollars by refinancing their home loans to ensure competitive pricing. This is after the banks have repeatedly re-priced their existing loan books in recent years meaning loyal customers were paying way more for their home loan than they ought to be. One client is about to save $3,500 a year by refinancing his home loan.


Despite all the noise about the Royal Commission and broker remuneration, Hatch is continuing to serve consumers with the same care and skill as always.

While the day to day work is going on the mortgage broking industry is busy making sure politicians understand the impact of the proposed changes on good consumer outcomes.

It’s time your voice as a consumer is heard. You’re going to be the most impacted. Your response will ultimately affect if the recommendations are carried out. Politicians don’t like unpopular causes.  

If you value your right as a consumer to have access to competition, choice and lower interest rates; if you value the work of Hatch, you need to make sure your voice heard now.

We need ALL our customers to get behind brokers so we can stick around, and stay affordable, well into the future.

There are 3 things you need to do to be heard as a valued consumer:

  1. Go to brokerbehindyou.com.au and sign & share the petition. This is a petition organised by the mortgage broking industry.
  2. Sign & share the petition started by a QLD mortgage broker on change.org that now has over 67,500 signatures and has some incredible momentum. Click here
  3. Send us testimonials that we can use on social media. Short and sharp works best. Tell us one thing, one way Hatch helps that banks can’t or don’t. One thing we did that made a difference. One bit of service we gave you after the loan settled. With lots of little testimonials, we can build a fantastic picture of what brokers do and how great Hatch is.


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