Buying property is a team sport. You are the captain but you really can’t do it all by yourself. So it’s crucial that you pick the right team-mates to give you the best chance of “winning”. The decision to purchase property and the actualisation of that vision can be a long, lonely, confusing and difficult task fraught with pitfalls. It is helpful for home buyers to remember that those most experienced in buying property (usually property investors) know that there’s no use running out onto the field alone and use a team of experts to help them.

So what do we mean when we talk of “winning”? Finding and buying a property that meets your needs and criteria, with minimum stress/hassles and no nasty surprises that increase the costs. It also includes buying property at both a price you are prepared to pay and a price you can afford and in a location that ticks all the boxes above. That’s not asking too much is it?!?

Getting together a team of professionals to assist you when buying a home or investment is highly recommended – after all this is one of your biggest financial decisions in life so you want to make sure you get it right.

So who is out there to join your team and help get a win on the board?

Mortgage Broker aka The Coach
An obvious starting point…The ability to purchase property is determined by your ability to finance that purchase and getting a good mortgage broker on board to help with this from the very beginning is like getting a good coach for a team. Mortgage brokers are able to assess your financial strengths and assist you in setting realistic and achievable goals. A good broker will be there to guide you from the very beginning until settlement, giving you advice and support whilst handling all the paperwork and ensuring you get the right loan and structure.

If you haven’t already, check out our short video:  “Why Choose Hatch.”

Buyer’s advocates aka the Full Forward
You can’t win a match without scoring goals. Buyers advocates are the dream spearhead for any game plan that involves purchasing property. Even more so if you lack the knowledge and confidence as a first home buyer or first time investor. Buyer’s advocates are able to find properties within your price range, assess their value, merits as an investment and then work to secure the purchase using their experience and skill.

Buyer’s agents are not essential in the buying process and do charge a fee, but I am convinced that in most cases what they save you well and truly offsets their cost. St Kilda always looked better with Tony Lockett at full forward in the team…

Conveyancer/Solicitor aka Full Back
Every successful football team needs a rock solid full back. Your conveyancer/solicitor should be that person. It’s their job to review the contract for any place you are seriously looking to buy to make sure that “what you see is what you get.”
It’s their job to protect you from any nasty surprises and to ensure that the ownership of the property is efficiently transferred into your name. There is lots that can go wrong so you want an experienced, organised person to fill this role. This is one thing you don’t want to try and do yourself!

Building/Pest inspector aka The Back Pocket
It’s highly recommended to get a building and pest inspection for a property you are looking at buying so that you don’t end up buying a property that has structural issues, termites or other problems which could cost you thousands of dollars to fix.

Property Manager aka On-baller
If you’re purchasing an investment property it’s a great idea to get someone to manage the property professionally, to find good tenants, put a lease in place, collect a bond, deal with tenants queries, arrange for things to be fixed/replaced as needed. You don’t want to be dealing with calls in the middle of the night when the plumbing is blocked or tenancy disputes – especially if you’re a busy person!

Home And Contents Insurer aka The Interchange Player
Once you’ve purchased a property it’s essential to organise home & contents insurance (if you are going to live there) or landlord insurance (for investment properties). Buying property is a big investment so it is worth protecting your investment by taking out insurance.

The best insurance policy is one you never need to make a claim on but if you do need to make a claim you want to know you have the right insurance in place. So it is a lot like your interchange players in many ways…you don’t want to rely on them to win the game but you would not want to play a game without them either…

Friends and Family aka Runners
People often forget that their greatest resource might be sitting in their very own living room. Friends and family are a great place to start for advice and knowledge about purchasing property, mortgages and investing.

However, it’s important to not stop there and seek out experienced professionals who are able to help and optimise your purchase as friends and family usually only have limited experience.

Real Estate Agents – Team Mate or Opponent? 
Real Estate Agents are a fantastic resource of property knowledge and can assist in your research in regards to prices and trends in the area, and with advantages and disadvantages of a particular property. However it’s crucial to remember that real estate agents represent the vendor and it’s in their best interest to bring in buyers to ensure they get the highest selling price for the vendor.

There’s no “I” in team

At the end of the day it’s a balance between investing in yourself and utilising the experience of others in order to lighten the load. You need to “learn the game” yourself, research and understand the world of property and finance so that you can make a game plan, but you also need the wisdom to know when it’s beyond your reach or where you could use the help of a professional. Spending a little bit of money on these extra pair of hands could save you lots of time, headaches and paperwork and leave you financially better off in the long run.

If you’re looking to assemble a great team, we can point you in the direction of experts in all these areas. Check out our list of people we endorse and trust.

Now let’s get out there and score some property goals!

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