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Spring Market Wrap

Temperatures are climbing, blossom is in the air and Victoria’s real estate agents are gearing up for silly season – Spring has finally arrived! Acknowledged as the ‘hottest’ period of the real estate cycle, rampant buyer demand and outstanding [...]

Should you be refinancing?

At Hatch Financial Services, we know how critical it is to undertake a review of your home loan from time to time. As a mortgagee, you want to ensure that your loan remains complementary to your lifestyle, bringing you ever closer to your [...]

The Bank of Mum & Dad

With the cost of housing on the rise and incomes across Australia remaining static, more aspiring young home owners are turning to the bank of Mum and Dad for a leg-up into the property market. Put your stereotypes about spoiled kidults aside: [...]

Underquoting: New Rules, Same Game?

  When it comes to watercooler (and social media) talk about real estate in Victoria, there are three words we hear constantly: those are underquoting, avocados and affordability. Today, Hatch Finance focus on the matter of underquoting – [...]

Is your bank loyal?

Customer loyalty is often rewarded in modern society. Use the same coffee shop every day and bag a free brew every eight or so purchases; stick with the same car insurer and you might score a preferential rate; shop at the same grocery store and [...]

Changes for first home buyers

This week the Victorian Government announced a raft of policy initiatives aimed at helping first home owners get into the market and improve housing affordability for buyers and renters. In short the announcements were: • No stamp duty for first [...]

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